Customer support, brand awareness, lead generation, oh my! There are so many benefits to having a great social media presence for your company, but if you choose too many, you may miss out on the rewards all together.

I chose the title "Choose Your Social Media Starter" for this post for a few reasons:

1. I am an avid Pokémon fan and I have grown to accept it. Also, these topics are a great starting point to begin your social media journey, much like choosing your starting Pokémon.  

2. I believe too many companies don't have a direction with their social media. They essentially throw stuff at their (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) wall and see what sticks.

I'm all for trying new things, heck I'm trying out a blog, but if you don't have a direction then your efforts are wasted. So, I suggest taking a quick moment to think about what you are doing with your social accounts. Are you setting yourself up for success, or are you just dishonoring your family by playing on Twitter all day and NOT SELLING STUFF?

Customer Support  Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon, is typically portrayed as a level-headed caregiver that is very protective of its allies.  If you think your social media should mainly be focused on customer support, then take a page out Bulbasaur's book and be responsive to your customers.  

Social media has easily revolutionized how people interact with brands.  It has broken down the barrier between companies and their customers, for better or worse.  As a consumer, I get a little rush when I tweet at a company and they favorite it. If they reply, I am skipping around my house all day with a smile the size of Texas.  Just having your voice acknowledged by this seemingly giant, faceless company makes you feel empowered and important.  Isn't that what all of us really want? To feel important?  Now imagine that your business is what made me skip around the house. I would be more likely to buy from you again and influence my peers to do so, as well.



I ordered pizza from Dominos about three years ago and I asked in the "Special Instructions" to draw their favorite Pokémon on the box (if you are asking yourself why, revert back to point #1).  The pizza comes to the door, and what do I see? An awesome drawing of Squirtle and the Squirtle Squad! I immediately open up Twitter and tweet to Dominos, and much to my surprise, they replied. To this day I remember that awesome memory, and how Domino's Pizza made a forgettable, ordinary experience into a story I write about 3 years later.

Brand Awareness - Charmander

Charmander, the fan favorite, is always a highly coveted Pokémon to have. Whether in the games, cards, or plushies, everyone wants the good ole Lizard Pokémon. If your social strategy is to create a buzz about your product or company, then make your product irresistible to your audience, just like Charmander. 

It is an age old saying: how can people buy your products if they don't know you exist? If your whole focus for using social media is to create brand awareness, then your best route is to create glamour shots of your product or your product being used, or share the super awesome success story about how your product changed someone’s life!  Make sure to position your tweets to the right audience and watch as everyone ooh's and aww's over your product.




Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon, may be tiny but can launch incredibly strong, accurate attacks at his opponents.  If you want to generate leads with your social media, you need be like Squirtle and create hyper-targeted, meaningful posts for your audiences.

Lead Generation is one of the hardest things to do, but it is the most monetarily rewarding.  There are many ways of doing this effectively and success depends on different factors such as:

  • Industry

  • Quality of Content

  • Audience Engagement Rate

It is taking followers you have gained and nudging them ever so gently into your sales funnel.  You aren't just bragging about yourself or answering questions anymore, you are listening to your audience and finding their pain points. Once you have established key problem areas you can then cater your content to fill their specific needs.  Then you take your newly refined, hyper-targeted content and distribute it to your audience.  Make sure you don’t  “post and forget,” and continue to engage with your audience through replies, retweets, favorites, and direct messaging if necessary.

The link below displays some great examples of possible lead generation ideas from Hootsuite.


Choose your Starter - what tactic are you going to take with your social media?

  • Customer Support - Bulbasaur - Answering questions about my product

  • Brand Awareness - Charmander - Telling people what my product is

  • Lead Generation - Squirtle - Getting people to buy my product

Leave a comment below to chat about the article, your personal social media strategy, or to quiz me on Pokémon trivia! 

(Seriously, I dare you to stump me)