There is no contesting that Snapchat has been taking the digital marketing world by storm recently.  With so many new features like On-Demand GeofiltersSnapcodes and Selfie Lenses, there are multiple ways to engage with your interested audience.  Many major musical artists such as Diplo and DJ Khaled are killing the lighthearted, story driven content that feels native to the platform. On the other hand, major social media marketing influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk are going “all In” on the platform to grow awareness and develop a community. So, if this is where the marketer’s and consumer’s attention lies, how do you capitalize on it and propel your band/album/label forward? Well, you have to be innovative, bullish and daring but that sounds like a musician to me.

#1: Printing your Snapcode on your album cover

Whether you are handing out your freshly pressed album on the street or selling it at a major retailer like Target, a Snapcode is unique way to really grow a hyper-targeted audience.  Think about it, if someone believed in and liked your work so much to buy it, they are already invested in what you have to say.  Now hold their attention everyday with micro-content and keep them engaged as you prepare your next album.


(This is my Snapcode, click  here to find out how to add me on Snapchat via my code)

#2: Highlight your Snapchat account through your other social channels


Okay, I get it.  It’s pretty basic advice but it is a must for this platform.  Now, just because it is basic doesn’t mean it can’t be innovative.  With Snapchat not having a native discovery application it is very difficult to grow an audience.  Because of this, you will have to utilize other social/digital channels to grow your following.  A couple of ways of doing this are:

·         Post your Snapcode as your profile picture on Twitter

·         Screenshot Snapchat content and post it to your Instagram

·         Run a contest on Facebook and tell people to send a snap to your Snapchat account of them holding your newest album, and select one lucky person to receive a personalized copy

#3 Place your Snapcode on your Bass Drum Head

You see a recurring theme here? Yes, your Snapcode is gold; plaster it everywhere! Your Snapcode is the easiest way for people to find you quickly and with very minimal effort.  Also, when a fan showed up to the show 4 hours early just to secure a spot in the front row and snag the ultimate picture on their iPhone, your Snapcode is living in that picture and is available to scan for anyone that sees it. This gives you that all important “word of mouth” factor.

#4 Interaction with your fans:

Your fans are your life blood. Without your fans, you don’t get to put gas in that late 70’s Volkswagen “Tour Bus,” or eat Taco Bell for the tenth night in a row while on tour.  Give them some love back for supporting you. Send out on Twitter that from 5 – 6 o’clock every Tuesday you will host a Q&A session to anyone that snaps you within that hour.  Push out on your Instagram an amazing picture of you and your band mates performing on stage and ask your fans to recreate that picture and include their Instagram account.  Then pick a winner, screenshot it, and post it to your Instagram.  It is a very simple gesture and can be a lot of fun.

#5 Have Fun.

Look, Snapchat is all about spur of the moment, funny, non-glamorous stuff that just happens every day.  People expect a shaky camera and dull lighting so don’t be afraid if not everything is a glamour shot.  Bring your audience along for the ride and prove to them that you are more than just a good band, you are great entertainers.


In conclusion, Snapchat is an amazing tool to engage with your audience. Go and promote that golden Snapcode online and off, host Q&A events supported by your fans, and watch as your audience grows not just on Snapchat, but at your live events.