We have all heard the remarks of social media, about how it is making us “anti-social” and unable to connect with people without the presence of a QWERTY keyword.  And until recently I believed it, but now there seems to be a growing trend that everyone should be excited about, actually meeting people IRL (In Real Life)!

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What is InstaMeet?

Think of it as an Instagram meeting of the minds. InstaMeet is a community event planned, scheduled and implemented by Instagram users. The host of the event will choose a location and then promote the date and time through their respective account and through other Instagram influencers in their community. The event is usually held in a very scenic area during the “Magic Hour” (the time of optimal lighting) so the community members can properly document the event.

And that’s it.  Just meeting other Instagram user and having a #GoodTime.

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What does this mean?

Remember how I said social media has become more of an “anti-social” network? Although Instagram isn’t the first social channel to implement these kind of events, I believe it is definitely a step in the right direction. Social media users are ready and eager to connect with their favorite content producers and this is just another way to get out from behind the keyboard.

Does it work?

Although InstaMeets have been around for awhile and there have been numerous events with great turnouts, it still doesn't compare to other larger platform gatherings. So, yes they do work, but not as well as other meetups.  Here's why.


Now I’m not saying that people that use Instagram are inept of planning an awesome InstaMeet, I am saying however that it is a heavy responsibility for the customer base.  With the median ages of Instagram users being 16-20 years old in 2015[i] it is hard to plan and carry out a large InstaMeet without reliable transportation, or financial backing.


Excluding Entertainment Celebrities (Film, TV, Music) the influencer base on other platforms is larger such as, YouTube and Twitch.  With the rise in popularity of events such as VidCon and TwitchCon, consumers are wanting to personally connect with, especially, video content creators.  It is true that many of these YouTubers and Twitchers have Instagram accounts many of them use this platform to promote their videos. When they schedule meet ups they either have one at these Cons or promote it through their larger video channels.

So, in conclusion InstaMeet is a step in the right direction but I believe will be over shadowed by other larger platform events. 



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